These are some of the services we provide. For special cases, please do not hesitate to inquire. We work with most major PC brands.

  • Virus/Spyware Removal: $150
    Remove all viruses & malware
    Restore Windows user account and registry
    Perform computer system tune-up service
  • Hard Drive Imaging Service: $150+
    Clone slow/faulty disk to a newer solid-state disk (SSD)
    Includes system cleaning from malware and viruses
    Operating system tune-up included
    Full disk backup included

  • Operating System Install: $120
    Properly install Windows OS
    Install all device drivers
    Activate System with Microsoft
  • Data Transfer / Backup: $100
    Safely transfer your files to an external or internal disk
    Perform virus/malware scan on files transferred
  • Computer Tune-up: $80
    Optimize Windows start-up and shutdown
    Remove unwanted programs like trial-ware/adware
    Install/update device drivers
    Install latest system updates
  • Computer Diagnostics: $80/$100 (custom-built) 
    Pinpoint the cause of the problem
    Fee includes minor fixes or will be applied towards repair service fee
  • Hardware Install: $50+
    Install hardware devices and correct drivers
  • Software Install: $40+
    Install and activate/register software