These are just some of the services we provide, for special cases please do not hesitate to call us. We work with most major PC brands.

Laptop Screen Repairs - $120+

  • We always use brand new LCD screens
  • Most screens can be ordered for next-day delivery.
  • You may bring your own screen

Laptop Keyboard Repairs - $80+

  • We'll test every single key for functionality.
  • Some models require complete disassembly.
  • You're welcome to order and bring your own keyboard.

Laptop DC Jack Repairs - $100+

  • All work is done locally.
  • We can also solder DC jacks.
  • We can help you order the right part.

Laptop Overheating Repairs - $100+

  • We'll remove all dust build-up clogging your fan.
  • Then we'll determine if the fan must be replaced.
  • We'll stress test the CPU to check for cooling issues.