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How To Remove Computer Viruses

STEP 1: Back Up Documents
The instructions to follow will show you one way of removing computer viruses and spyware for free! The method used here is aimed for users who are not too technical but are comfortable using computers. Before you venture onto removing computer viruses and spyware, save your files to an external hard drive if possible. Be sure to scan this external drive after you remove the computer virus; we don not want to re-infect your computer after the clean up. If you already have backup or do not have an external drive go ahead and start with step 2.
STEP 2: Reboot in Safe Mode
The idea here is to prevent the computer virus or  spyware program from running when you attempt to remove it. To do this, unplug any external hard drives and reboot in safe mode. Safe mode runs only the basic Windows operating system and a few important programs to still let you use your computer. Restart your computer and hit the F8 key on the keyboard repeatedly until you get to a black screen with the option of restarting in Safe Mode. Choose Safe Mode with Networking. Windows will boot-up and allow you to perform step 3.
STEP 3: Download Three Free Virus Removal Tools
We recommend downloading two or three different programs to find and remove the malware. One may do the job, but three will do a cleaner job. These three have worked well for most cases.
Norton NPE
STEP 4: Run The Virus Scanners
After downloading, install them accepting all the defaults. Next, run the scanners one at a time. This will take a while, about an hour and depending on how much data you have. When these programs locate a computer virus or any suspicious files choose delete files.
STEP 5: Reboot in Normal Mode
Reboot your computer normally by going to Start then Restart. If you have files backed up on an external drive, plug it in and use the security programs downloaded to scan this drive before you open or transfer any files.
We say that at this point, most people should take the computer to a local PC repair shop or contact us if you are nearby.
STEP 6: Add Security
Since you got a virus in the first place it is clear you need more protection. Malwarebytes is a real-time scanner that you can use as your ongoing protection or install something like Bitdefender.