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How To Identify A Hardware Problem

Many things can cause a computer to break down. Anything from a broken component to malware can put a machine out of action or cause it to operate so poorly that it is practically unable to function. However, malware and other software-based problems can be solved easily with antivirus and other software repair tools.

Hardware issues require a different approach.

There are a few simple ways to tell which computer hardware component is broken. The first way is as simple as paying close attention when turning it on. The timing of when it fails and what the computer does is critical in this step. If the computer will not start at all or begins to get going and then stops abruptly, the problem is most likely the power supply, which should be easily and cheaply replaced. If the computer is able to start, but then you hear a few tones and the computer shuts down, there is a problem with the hardware configuration. The tones you hear are a code played by the motherboard that indicate what is wrong. If the computer is functioning properly, it will play a single tone at start-up. Otherwise, you will hear a series of beeps. To identify what the problem is at this stage, simply check your specific computer’s manufacturer documentation. These steps will lead you in the correct path to repairing your own computer. Some manufacturers also use led codes instead of beep codes to let you know what’s wrong with your computer. For example several of the dell desktops have 1-2-3-4 led lights that turn amber or green giving you a unique combination that tells the user exactly what’s computer part is failing.