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How To Choose A CPU

We feel computers in general can be categorized into three groups: low-end, mid-range, high-end. The type of CPU to get will directly depend on how you plan to use your computer.

Low-End Systems
Computes in this group are good for basic applications such as word processing, playing simple games, basic finance software, printing, emailing and HTML web browsing. If this sounds like what you’ll be doing most of the time with your computer then you will be more than okay with any of the newer Intel or AMD dual core CPU’s. The price for these processors are priced under $100.

Mid-Range Systems
Computers in this group are good for all above plus the ability to to some multitasking. Perhaps you’d like to watch a video while you’re working on a different program on a second monitor. for this type of use, you’ll want to get yourself at least a second generation i3 or i5 Intel CPU or A6 / A8 / A10 series processor. The price range for these group of CPU’s is between $100-$150. Generally speaking, these computers are awesome for students and those who do office-type work.

High-End Systems
Computers in this group are good for all the above plus the ability to run heavy applications much better. If you’re into video editing, simulation software, games, music editing. you want to get the latest Intel i5 or i7 quad core processors or AMD’s FX quad/hex/octa Core processors. The current pricing for these CPU’s start at around $200+.